A New Begin (for Robert)
ESL - December, 2006

To stand up, the first step in a new begin -

Top hat, white tie and tails - Check!
Walking cane and two tone shoes - Check
Ready, and ACTION:

Fred Astaire, Ginger Rodgers and me
Yes ladies and gentlemen we are now three
We step, we tap, we dance
We are the exemplar of elegant romance
We twirl our canes in unison
While the band leader tickles his accordion
We do that silly looking shtick
And our hats end up at the top of the stick
We kick it up and down the stairs
Like we were three totally carefree millionaires
Let me tell you people not only are we friends
We are the dernier cri of romantic elegance!
Oooh La la la la

Next frame -

String tie, pony tail, tux - Check!
Earring (on the left) and a pair of clean sox - Check!
... and

Wait!! - Let's us just dance a little while

O.K. - We're ready


John Travolta, Uma Thurman and me
Yes here we are again people, again we are three
We shuffle, we slide, make like swimmin'a pool
Everyone can see that we're the coolest of cool
We're lighting sparks for this dude Tarrantino
The kind that went out with Rudi Valentino
Marilyn's skirts ride away on that vent
And Jayne's magnificent bust has nary a dent
Gratis we provide a new kind of noir
Where else would you rather be a ce soir?
We glide and we pogo between and betwixt
Oh how we twist.

Copyright 2006 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.