A Song for Van

Joseph Balogh - ESL 10/18/05


(CAPO @ II) Am

The mud is boiling in the river,

It's been baking there since May

Let's gather wood and build a fire

We can lounge on bales of hay



G Am C   G G+ Am Am+ Am Am+ Am

Hai Morrisson, come and sing/sing us your gypsy song,

La, la, ....

Hai Morrisson, your golden throat can do no wrong,

La, la, ....


Old Joe's knee causes him pain

He sees tomorrow Lots of rain!

He says for weeks it won't be drier

So come lets go sit by the fire




La, la, la ....




A silhouette is growing higher,

I can see it filling in,

Mr Morrisson will soon be with us

Gather all his children in




C Am  C D C

Too roo roo root ....


Copyright 2005 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.