Around the World

(An Andreessen Mosaic)

Carl Orff - Ernest S. Llime - Woodhaven, 2006


No need to pack,

Just sit right back,

You can stay home forever.

Youíre face to face,

With any place,

Or if you like, whomever.

The king, the queen,

On Halloween,

Disguised as mariachi.

A co-edís dorm,

The queen of porn,

The ghost of Liberace.



Surf around the world with me,

And never leave your table.

Be just where you want to be,

Of these you now are able.

No need to saddle up your horse,

Just leave her in the stable.

Surf around the world with me,

Letís say hello to Mable.



A great romance,

A love that lasts forever.

The torture rack,

Whips on your back,

And not a mark, no never.

The Taj Mahal,

Drugs in Nepal,

Exhalted Maharishi.

Shop till you drop,

From cheese to pop,

Or buy a Mitsubishi.




Copyright © 2005 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.