Confetti in the Mud

ESL - August, 2007


(CAPO @ V) G   G  G C G   G C Am G

I used to live for music, what I breathed in was sound,

I had a song for everything, and dreams in Dolby full surround.

And then, I met a woman and the music switched in there,

I still dreamed and lived music, but it was - all about her.

   I lived in a dreamed fever, and much to my surprise,

   She actually said yes when I asked her to be my wife.

   We had a short - ceremony, trading vows aflame,

   Then we walked out of city hall into a pesky, slow, chill rain.



C G   C Am C G   C G   C Am C G

There were confetti, in the mud,

A sweet but foolish gesture, by a friend of mine named Bud.

There were confetti, in the mud,

I think they tried to tell me that this marriage was a dud.


I had a real great summer and my songs flowed easily,

But just before that summer passed, one day she said to me

My honey, oh my darling, it's so great to be your wife,

But maybe it is time you think about a nine-to-five.

   I thought of things, the things men do for love,

  How it would raise you and place you high above,

  Things were so rosy, just perfect it would seem,

  But still, once in while I'd have this dream



It turned out I had a hidden talent for code,

In no time at all I could write programs a la mode.

A year after that I hooked with this guy named John.

We both got very rich after starting our own .(dot)com

   One day I got home early, driving through September rain,

   It never crossed my mind that I was driving towards pain.

   I entered through the back door, not to trail in too much mud,

   And there in my bed was my wife with my good friend Bud.



Early in November, standing in another rain

I waited outside city hall, too numb to feel much pain.

Do you think she could faithful to anyone - hey Bud

Figured I'd return the favor, got some confetti for your mud.


Copyright 2007 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.