Trad. Russian - ESL


Dm Bb   Gm Dm   Dm Bb   Gm A Dm 

Lift away, don't come near me

Doom, gloom and evil thought

I am alive, and celebrating,

Lets raise a glass, and toast my love



Dm Bb Dm    Dm Gm Dm   Dm Bb Dm Bb Gm   Gm Bb A Dm

Here's to you, my pretty one,

Little sister, daughter of the sun

For tomorrow, on my way I'll be,

Moved by fate, and the cruel sea.


Dm Bb Dm    Dm Bb Dm   Dm Gm A   A Gm A Dm

{I ride the waves, I am at sea,

just miles of rope, the boat is life for me} REPEAT

Still you're with me my love, you are my dream

No matter how I'm drunk, and how unclean




Dm Bb Dm    Dm Bb Dm   Dm Gm A   A Gm A Dm

{Let's have more wine, let's raise that glass

Cause tomorrow, the fish may feed on us} REPEAT

Damn it to Hell, I have no place

Got a painted woman, in my embrace




Copyright 2006 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved