Dead Man's Shoes

ESL - December, 2007- NYC /J train/ home


Am G    F E

Nothin' in this country ever works out right,

You get boiled in the daytime and you freeze at night.

I came to make my fortune, left my old life over there,

But my luck has turned so ugly, even my feet are bare.


There's been an explosion, up ahead in the road,

'twas an old busted truck, with not even a load.

Just a couple of unfortunates, tryin' to get a little bread,

But their journey was cursed, and they both are now dead.


There was a sack with two wilted cabbages and a chunk of dried beef,

I'll have to boil that in some water, cause it near broke my teeth.

They were banged up and twisted, like all hell busted loose,

The one was less mangled, I took off his shoes.



So now here I am walking in a dead man's shoes,

I bet none o' you wonders why I can't shake these blues.





I came to a village, there were two scrawny dogs,

Too weak and too hungry to look like more than two logs.

There was a dirty faced girl sitting in that village square,

I gave her the cabbages, she just continued to stare.




It's the curse of the human

First you live, then you die.

Why can't we have just a little something,

Before that final good-bye.


Copyright 2007 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.