Don't Say No

Pascal Terzis  -  Ernest Samuel Llime


Am   F   G   Em Am

Remember when you saw me at the bar,

My cognac and a very fine cigar.

You told me that I looked so debonair,

You said you loved that European air.

    You were so beautiful I was surprised,

    But I knew that this couldnít happen twice.

    Before we knew weíre sharing our first kiss,

    I canít believe that now itís come to this.



Am   G   F   G Am

Donít say no, Donít say you never did love me,

Donít say no, Donít say youíll go on without me,

Donít say no, Donít say youíll never forgive me,

I will die if you leave me.


My life before you didnít count no more,

With every day I loved you more and more.

Thereíve been some other women in my past,

But Iíd forgotten all of them at last.

    You came and you just swept me off my feet,

    Some days I would forget even to eat.

    And now you say tomorrow youíll be gone,

    You wouldnít even tell me what Iíve done.




Remember how I told you youíre my star,

Now I have an idea what you are.

So beautiful but cruel to the max,

I really didnít need to know these facts.

    You broke my heart youíve muddled up my life,

    I donít think I could go through this thing twice.

    Thereís no one who could tell me what to do,

    I think tomorrow I may be gone too.




Copyright © 2005 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.