Epic Orchestra 2 - Genesis
Rig / ESL - July, 2007

... and God created man in his own image, in the image of God:
male and female created He them.

And through the Garden - they wandered,
And of the fruits of all the trees but one - they ate.
And all the animals of the Earth,
And all the animals of the Water,
And all the animals of the Sky,
Stopped and admired them as they walked on by,
For the crown of all creation were they.

The words that speak such wonders, today are all but lost;
Yet I cannot resist the urge, and utter them I must!


Oh - glorious creatress, creator of such as this,
Oh - glorious creatress, thy name be "The Artist"

The fruit of the grass She gave to me, for the making of the bread,
The leaf of the grass He gave to me, for my soft feet, a cushy bed.
The product of the vine that He'd given me, will cheer me when I am sad,
While She gave me the olive tree, to make me peaceful when I'm mad.

The elephant, the camel and the mule, to help with heavy loads,
And all the fastest horses, to travel speedy roads,
The tiger and the lion to teach humility,
All of these friends and more She showered unto me.

Oh mother, daughter, wife and lover, in turn they were all She!
Mother of the Earth and Fire, Mother of the Air and Sea,
Mother of the Moons and Stars, Mother of the Universe and Mother of Eternity
You gave Yourself to me? You gave yourself to me?

Earth and Fire, Air and Sea,
Moons and Stars,Eternity,

I give myself to thee

Copyright 2007 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.