Fadeout (Ya Habibi)

Trad. Arabic - ESL - August 2008, Woodhaven


(CAPO @ V)

Am Am Dm   Dm   Dm Dm Am    Am E E (Am)

They do not see us anymore together

And they all ask what went wrong

Their eyes are friendly but mine are tired

My joy of living - is all gone.


The same old question I keep on hearing

I want that answer myself.

And so I senslessly keep repeating

Just where are you - where are we



E   Am   Am Dm Dm   Am   Am Dm Dm   Dm Am Dm Am   Dm Dm Dm E   E Am

What went wrong

You're fading out like an old song

More muted as we go along

But my skin still craves your fingertips

And your taste lingers on my lips

Please understand! D'you understand

If you don't understand

It's the end


We had a love that was to last forever

First loves are always so strong.

A love that bloomed when we were together

The kind of love - like a song.


I am still here but you have gone missing 

Don't tell me it's not your fault.

And every word of the oath you swore once

Is still mystery that's yet to unfold.








Copyright 2008 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.