Lindenberg - Rodriguez - Llime

(CAPO @ III) Em Am B7

I was sitting at the hotel bar
Just tryin' to kill some time
When in walked this lady
With an enig-matic smile

Her eyes were kind of big
For a head that seemed too small
Her ears were slightly pointed
And she was - a bit too tall

But there was strange fascination
In the curve of her thigh
So when she sat down beside me
I felt everything will be just fine

We drank some Manischewitz,
We talked about the wheather.
Then in her broken english
She talked about her daughter.

She said:
I used to be a dancer,
Ballet and then some theater
But one day I got pregnant
And I just had to have her

We went up to my room then
The better to get at her
The conversation faltered
Some grunts and "is this better?"

At the Hotel Imperial
At the Hotel Imperial

And later as we lay there
About her name I asked her
I said it's so convenient
Of course Giselle's a dancer

And she said:
Would you like it the better
If I was truly Gertrude?
And I said I'd just like it fine
Because the fantasy was only mine

At the Hotel Imperial
At the Hotel Imperial

Copyright 2007 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.