Ernest Samuel Llime - January 2009, Woodhaven


Em Em G B7 (X4)

A girl named Jessica Rabbit she's my honey

She's not really a rabbit but a true live bunny

Can't get enough of her shapely feet

Her legs and her shoulders and the rest of it.


When Jessica Rabbit shakes her tail

All the hardened felons break out of jail

Let me tell you fellows, and it won't be funny

This righteous, lovely Goddess belongs to Johnny. (that's me)


Too to roo .....



Em Am    Em B7    Em Am    Em B7 (Em)

Jessica, Jessica, hear my song

One more drink and I'll take you home

Jessica, Jessica, how can it be

Amongst all of the boys, you've chosen me




Jessica baby let me hold your feet

Put your legs on my shoulders and the rest of it

You must be tired dancing all night

I'll carry you home as there's no cab in sight.


Don't worry honey, it's not such a hard task

And the kiss of your lips is all that I ask

When the party is over and it's after three

I just want you lying right next to me.


Too to roo ....




Copyright 2009 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.