Johnny, Johnny

ESL - July, 2008 - Nickerie


(CAPO @ V)

Am E Dm

When you say goodnight to that blue old moon

Who do you think closes the saloon

And in the morning when you make some French toast

Whom do you spy holding up the lamppost


Johnny just cannot to bed retire

He just drinks to try and quench the fire,

The fire that's been burning up his red heart

Since he has been dumped by his old sweetheart.



Johnny Johnny drink no more!

You can hardly see the door

You'll end up sleeping on the floor

And your money (Mary) you won't see no more




Whatever you have had with lovely Mary,

She's now dishing out to Tom and Harry.

So dry your eyes and stop feeling so empty,

Cause this Earth is blessed with girls a-plenty.


So come with me poor John for a few hours,

Will pick a few sweet girls like they were flowers.

We'll have some times out of the ordinary,

And soon you will be asking who is Mary




Copyright 2008 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.