Jungle - Tiger - Jungle
Dany Blues & ESL - April-May, 2009 (Italy - Woodhaven)

Once upon a time there were two little boy tigers
and their names were Dany & Ernie.
They loved to fool around, race and mock wrestle each other
You know, the way little boys of any race or species do.

One day their daddy Bruno, had to go away on business,
So he gave them some instructions - and this is what he said:

My boys, dear boys,
Stay home, play with your toys.
Do not - venture too far, be careful and beware,
There are things you havent' learned yet,
Why it's a jungle out there!

But boys will be boys, so when they were alone
Exploring they a-went, straying away from home.
Then Ernie said to Dany, you did hear daddy say,
We shouldn't go too far, before he went away.

Unh, Dany said, we're strong and big,
If someone threatens us, we'll snap 'im like a twig

We're boys, big boys,
Enough playing with toys,
We'll venture and we'll dare, we're going everywhere
And things we haven't learned yet,
We will - in the jungle out there!

When daddy came home, Ernie was (there) all alone
Oh daddy, they shot him, and put him in a net
But daddy said don't cry Ernie, Dany is not dead yet.

They shot him with a sleep dart, he must be circus bound
He's going far away and he'll be starring in the round.

We're boys, just boys said Ernie
I want us to stay home play with toys.
I do not want to go learn things I don't know yet!
Oh daddy, it's a jungle out there!

Copyright 2009 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.