Let Him In

ESL - February, 2007



Em A B7

When you read this letter I'll be gone,

First plane to anywhere that heads into the sun

I'm gonna miss your touch

I know I'll miss it oh, so much

I'm gonna miss the smell of your perfume

How it always lingers long after you've left a room.

I know I've promised to be here through thick or thin,

But when I'm gone you will be free to go to him


Andre has been my friend since we were three years old

Amongst the two of us no secrets were untold.

I couldn't stay here always to pretend

That we'll be friends forever or lovers to the end.

They say that love can twist even the wisest head,

So I won't make accusations, I won't pretend that I am mad.

And him that I would trust and even with my life,

So why would I not trust him with my beloved wife



Let him in - I know that he loves you

Let him in - Though I still love you too (You know I love him too)

Let him in - They say we have to part (We do not have to part)

Let him in - I couldn't break his heart (Let us break no one's heart)

Let him in - Why does it have to be (It doesn't have to be)

Let him in - A choice of him or me


I will be at the bar at JFK International until fifteen past three,

So, if you think I'm making a mistake, you know that's where I'll be.

They say that one of us must have a broken heart,

It's true that it does happen each time two people part.

But does it have to be



Phone ring

-(Him) Hello!

-(Her) JFK International has 12 bars!

You forgot to mention which one you gonna be at.




Copyright 2007 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.