New World Monsoon

ESL - July, 2008 - Nickerie


G G+ G

C B C   B C B C   G G+ G   D7 F# G   F# G

Rain storm from the east

Washed in like a tropical beast

Green iguanas seeking shelter up in a coconut tree

I'm lying in my hammock watching raindrops strike - the river

And nature is aquiver



B C B C   B C B C   F# G F# G   F# G F# G   D7 F# G

(Monsoon) New World Monsoon

Comes with a fury but it's gone real soon.

(Monsoon) New World Monsoon

Wash the New World clean but be gone real soon!

Go away monsoon!


Rain storm carries on,

Sounds like African war drums,

Might bash the roof down right on top of your head,

It might just rumble on instead - and leave you

Happy you're not dead.




Lightning cracks the sky,

And scary thunder sounds near by,

But still you're happy when you hear the sound

Cause you know this one just missed you - and it's gone,

Soon to be done.




Copyright 2008 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.