Pretty Woman
Ernest Samuel Llime - January 2009, Woodhaven

Cm G7 Cm Cm G7 Cm
Pretty woman locks her gate tight
She locks her gate tight, she locks her gate tight
She just lets me in - at night
Lets me in at night, lets me in at night

Cm Bb G# Cm Fm Cm G7 Cm
Baby let us dance no more, I'll soon be lying on the floor
My poor old heart can wait no more
Take me home and treat me right, I can't wait for the fall of night
I'd love you 'til the day turns bright.


Pretty woman makes my heart race,
She makes my heart race, she makes my heart race.
Hot, hot woman with a - little girl's face,
A little girl's face, a little girl's face.

Baby please don't make me blue, no one knows my love for you
This I swear to you is true
Just one gypsy violin, knows the sorry shape I'm in
But he'll just keep on fiddlin'

Copyright 2009 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.