Ride a Swan
(for Persian Kitty)
Ernest Samuel Llime (inspired by P.I. Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake)

Bb7 A7 F Dm G7 Dm A7
Stop! running up and down those stairs,
And stand in front of one who cares.
Youíre altogether much too wild,
Oh where now is that laid back child?
Just tell me:
Why canít you stay a longer while?
Please donít go, donít say goodbye.

Dm A7 Gm C F Gm
Now youíve got wings and you yearn to fly
Way beyond the sky girl, and where am I?
Thereís just one thing, I believe, left for me to do:
Girl when you will fly, I will fly with you.

Just open up those wings my love
And Iíll watch over you all night.
Flap them valiantly against the sky,
Donít fear, thereís nothing you should hide.
Just tell me:
When? This mirage you have become,
And when? Again weíll be as one.

So youíve got wings, now you often fly
Way beyond the sky, it does please my eye.
And there is just one thing left for me to do:
Every time you fly Iíll be watching you.


I love those wings, wanna see you fly
Way beyond the sky, would it be that I,
Had just one thing I knew left for me to do:
Anything it be, let it just be you.


Copyright © 2007 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.