Song for the Working Girl

ESL - May, 2007



I met a fair maiden in Amsterdam town,

She said please try my door, I will not let you down.

I was shy, I was hedging, she was fetching, half nude,

I was certainly bothered didn't want to seem crude.

   So I entered, and entered, and then entered again,

   Even now, I'm quite happy I gave in to this yen.

   Many thanks, many thanks, to this working girl,

   There's no doubt in my mind that she sure rocked my world.




Here's a song for the working girl

It don't get better than this,

Here's my song to the working girl

Thanks for the bliss


She said 'twas my cousin Yohann took my maidenhead

When I found I was pregnant I thought I'd be dead

So I took my young self, journeyed to Amsterdam,

It was hard for a while, I just didn't give a damn.

   C C F G

   But out of that I ended up with this occupation,

   You might even say this could be my vocation.

   Every day as it gets just a tad before night,

   I go downstairs, and I switch on my neon red light.

I have a day care and sitter for my little Marie,

There's a church 'cross the street for my girlfriends and me.

I got insurance and savings and a right to exist,

What do you think makes me different from your therapist


She was young, she was pretty, and she gave me no lip,

Before I left her I gave her a generous tip

There's not many like her, left in this whole wide world

She's an artist, an expert, God bless this working girl.

  Every now and again, back in Amsterdam town

  I wanna go to say hello, she's not always around.

  But the luck is still with me in this prudest of worlds

  I found out there's more artists, God bless all working girls




Copyright 2007 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.