Southern Cross
Jerry Joe Weise - ESL

I'm gonna leave this place today
I've such a strong, strong urge to just fade away
Don't wonna stick around and start gathering no moss
And I don't wonna die before I ever saw the southern cross

So don't beg of me mommma, there's no way to make stay
There's no way to make me stay
I won't make no promises my honey
Just wait for me, and I'll be back someday

I just gotta, gotta, gotta go
Come show me the way Gerry Joe

Goin' south ........
I'm gonna get on that ship ..........

Hey momma don't think that I'm a loss
It just so happens that I got a ride to the real Southern Cross
It'll take a while 'cause we will leave the Galaxy,
But please don't worry momma,
You ain't seen the last of me.

I know you'll miss me momma
And you should know that I'll miss you too
Tell Laurie not to worry ...
Tell her I miss her too

Copyright 2007 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.