Spanish Words (Las Palabras)
Nazim Chamby / ESL - February-March, 2007

Saturday night, I was all alone in Madrid
Not looking for adventure, my name is Ernie not El Cid
So I stepped into this club
Just for the music and a drink, perhaps a little grub,

And there I saw the utmost senorita of my dreams
I walked up to her, forgot about the food and I forgot about the drinks
I said my name is Ernie would you like to dance?
But she just kept on walking without a second glance.

And then she danced, I couldn't notice anyone but she,
I had to make the circumstances real and not a fantasy.
Her raven black hair, her golden skin these could be my rewards,
It hit me like a train, I desperatly needed a few Spanish words.

For a week I sat with the dictionary late every night
And fell asleep forgetting to turn out the light.
The language was so beautiful, each word a melody,
And if I strung them all together I could write a symphony.

On the radio I only heard the Spanish tongue,
And as for music I would only play a Spanish song.
The words would find each other in everything I'd dream,
My very stumbling sentences all had a common theme.

Hermanita de mi alma,
Yo cantaré por ti,
Amor de mis amores,
Solamente por tí,

Señorita muy bonita en todo el país de España,
Mujercita que yo quiero tanto,
No juegues con mi corazón,
Por favor baile conmigo un tango.

Next Saturday there I was at the same club again
Looking for her, my heart was pounding like a freight train.
And there she was undoubtedly a lovely sight to see,
I stepped right up and said: Perdon senora, por favor baile con mi

She looked at me and said: did you just learn all of than for me?
That was so sweet, but you should know I'm just a girl from Jersey.
She took my hand and walked me to the dance floor,
And I could feel my heart, it surely wasn't mine no more!

And then we danced, I couldn't notice anyone but she,
It was all now for real, though it still felt just like a fantasy.
Her raven black hair, her golden skin these would be my rewards,
It hit me like a train, I found my love with a few Spanish words.

Copyright © 2007 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.