Street Latin
ESL - July, 2007

I am just an old man who learned a couple of computer tricks -
I sit at my keyboard and assemble these building blocks that I found on the web -
I can look at myself and picture a monkey with a new banana -
Just like that monkey, I am quite happy with my banana.
But one day, I - will be reincarnated as a young street latino.

Here I come girls:

De Cabo Rojo - Yo vengo
De Ponce, de La Paz - Yo vengo
De Puerto Plata, de San Juan - Yo vengo
De Panama, de Vera Cruz - Yo vengo
De Buenos Aires, de Habana - Yo vengo

I'm walking down the street with my hat - just so,
And everybody knows me - it's my barrio
The senoritas giggle, they're all giving me the eye,
They know that I'm a lover - Yeah, I'm their kinda guy.

Ola chiquita - come with me my bonita,
Si te gusta bailar - come with me to the bar,
I'll buy you a mojito - I'm gonna be your muchachito
Come on, you know you want to, you know that I'll be good for you.

Some days are heavy - and some days are not,
This day, I just wanna go to the club man
Have a cerveza, cool off cause I'm so hot.
I'm gonna pick up my guitar, dust it with my bandana,
I'm gonna rip into this tune just like Carlos Santana.


I just wanna dance, I just wanna dance with you,
I just wanna dance, and I hope that you want too.
I just wanna dance, hold you tight and romance you,
Do you want to dance, do you think my romance will do?

Tell me what do you think? Can I just get you one more drink?
I'm not sure what is going to be, but I sure wish you'd come home with me.
At least give me this dance, I'll look into your eyes and fall into a trance.
Come on girl let's just dance, do not pretend you are indifferent to my romance.

Tonight is what we've got, it's now or never like it or not.
I'll teach some new steps, I'll put you on the path to hapiness.
You can depend on me, remind me how a girly girl could be.
You can just laugh and dance some more and I will do my best to not become a bore.

Baila con migo mi amor,
Baila una salsa con sabor,
Baila con migo mi amor,
Baila, baila, and baila some more.

Copyright 2007 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.