Sweet Melanie

ESL - July, 2008 - Nickerie


Em Am B7

Slow down you crazy river and listen to my song,

Just a couple of minutes, it won't take too long.

I swore to my sweetheart A love that is strong,

But I'm only a week man and I've done her wrong.



Slow down, slow down, abide here with me,

I know that you can wash off my misery.

Slow down, slow down, wash off my misery,

Or just wash me away, make her forget about me.


It was just before noon, I walked into the saloon,

And the Devil put that whiskey right in front of me.

So I had one, and another, and another, you see,

When who should walk right in but that fox Melanie.




When the bottle was empty, this she said to me

Come, I'll lend you a pillow, you can rest 'til you're right.

And her hair was on fire and her skin was all white,

And her kisses were burning so I stayed there all night.




So tell me wise river, now that you've heard my song,

How then can I possibly straighten this wrong

When I know it will sadden my sweetheart to see,

That I can never forget the taste of sweet Melanie.


Copyright 2008 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.