The Hunger Hop

ESL - July, 2007


G C Am

Rich folks eat in  fancy restaurants and such,

But I just had to take my belt in yet another notch.

No I ain't beggin' mister, I'll work until I drop,

I'm gonna sing and dance for you and I don't aim to stop.



I'm only asking for a minute of your time,

And maybe if you like my song you could spare me a dime,

Don't worry if you've missed a verse, I'll take it from the top

Please stick around and watch me as I do that hunger hop.





Or you could get me a hamburger, or a hot dog on a bun,

Perhaps a piece of chicken, I won't mind either one.

The truth is, after all is done, and after all is said,

I could be really happy, with a tiny crust of bread.





Copyright 2007 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.