The Immigrant's Stop

Ernest Samuel Llime


G C D7

So I open my mouth and all you people stare at me,

Well, I'm not from Alabama and there ain't no banjo on my knee.

I come from a place  with a name you never hear

I've travelled many miles but now I know I'll just stop here.



C G D7 G D7 F# G

Yes, I could be Italian, or I could be Greek,

Or I could be an Indian or an Arab sheik

But don't feel so uneasy when you look at me

'Cause I could be your brother if you'll be allowing me  only let me be


I'm gonna stay right here and help you with that dream,

I'm gonna clean your offices, gonna pump your gasoline

If you're the learning from your past kind, then you have learned that this is true,

I'm gonna be an American, just about as good as you.




When you sing that song about the shores of Tripoli,

Don't forget it also speaks of someone just like me.

And those other that made it all easier to bear,

Remember that some writers brought them here from over there.


Copyright 2005 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.