The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit

ESL - January, 2008 - NY


G Am C G

There once was a man in a gray flannel suit

A true master of music and truly quite cute.

One ominous day he walked out the door,

And no one can see him on this plane no more.



Bye bye Robespierre Duck bye bye

You're now free to join Roland in roaming the sky.

Bye bye Robespierre Duck bye bye

Us mortals salute you Here's mud in your eye!


On many a dark and gray sky day

He's still waving his guns chasing them clouds away.

He truly is free 'cause he's been released

By all of his women and targets he's missed.




He still wears gray t-shirts and gray underwear,

The expensive kind you cannot find just anywhere.

His brilliant rhetoric hasn't gone south

It's just that it now, spews out of some other mouth






Repeat 1st verse




Copyright 2008 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.