The Music Fan

ESL - February, 2007


G Em

If I only had one cookie left,

I'd give it to Ernie,

God had a purpose for every cookie she put on this Earth

And this one, is for the music man



I go to sleep to music

I wake up to music

I drive my car to music

I make lunch to music

Music is my mother,

Music is my father,

Music is my brother,

I never had another


In my life, I've had lots of cookies,

There were oreos, butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies,

I really loved them all but the best thing is music,

Why because, I'm a music fan.




I thought about growing up and making lots of money,

I thought about growing up and making a difference,

I thought about growing up and moving to the south of France,

But, I'm a music fan


Copyright 2007 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.