The Summer of Passion
ESL - August 16th, 2006 - Key West

F - I'm so tired of these college boys,
They think my tits are just some squishy toys.
The way they fumble -- at my brassiere ...
Somebody please, take me away from here.

I want to feel like Anais,
I need someone to demo that bliss,
I want some Frost, and something Portuguese,
A man, who could do all those things with ease.

M - Just put your trust in me,
I know a place where you're supposed to be.
Let's go there cause I know 't will treat you best,
It is a Paradise that others call Key West.

We'll watch the sunset while we cruise Mallory Square,
Then, on the street they call Duval, we'll walk away from there
And after dark, your clothing you can shed there piece by piece,
A local artist on your body will create a second masterpiece.

F - And then ...
M - And then my Lady I will show you what the Portuguese did not show Frost
For it's the secrets of the Serpent I am familiar with the most.
F - What reason have you that will cause these things to be?
M - I only wish to free the Goddess that dwelleth within thee.

F - And will then mortals all bow down to me?
M - Oh yes, my Lady, it is only just that it should be.
F - Will you then salve and rub me with exotic oils?
M - Oh yes, my Lady, it would be the pleasentest of toils.

F - So, what the Hell are we then waiting for?
M - Just let me get my conk; Mortals will know the Goddess is alive
When I walk in front of you and blow it; Like this ........

All Hail Isis,
All Hail Astarte,
All Hail Diana,
All Hail Hecate,
All Hail Demeter,
All Hail Kali,
All Hail Innana

Copyright 2006 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.