Three Keys
Ernest S. Llime

On the first hour, of the first day,
Of an otherwise ordinary month of May,
I have fashioned a key to the kingdom,
That will blow your mind away.
I opened the door into a corridor of white
That led me to a room where axioms of light
Frolicked with cryptograms and algorithms
To everybody's intellectual delight.

The next door needed a key
that was more difficult to produce,
I had to give up my desires, my wishes
and the essence of my youth,
But the door eventually yielded
to my relentless quest,
It let me pass the threshhold
Into a kingdom I could feel was the best.

Oh I, am the keeper of treasures beyond ken,
I can fulfill your desires, I can deliver your every yen.
Cause I have the keys.

As time flew by,
I knew that I needed one more key.
A feeling of unfulfillingness
Came over me.
I gave up my worldly posessions,
My loved ones, and I gave up my life.
I just had to pass through this door
And follow my beloved wife.

The light, the light, oooh, oh, the light

So now, when anyone mentions the Akashic mysteries
I just wink conspiratorially and I jingle my three keys.

Copyright 2006 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.