Waiting for Snow
ESL - February, 2006 - NYC

Em Am B7

(So) here I am - standing by my window looking for snow
Here I am - melancholy grips me, there's no place I'd rather go
Yes, here I am - looking out my window - waiting for snow
And here I am - there's so many things that I just wish I didn't know.

Just earlier today, the weatherman called for snow
I was looking through my desk, for what I just don't know
My eyes got stuck, on this little band of gold,
And now it's on my windowsill, it's stories yet untold.


White blanket from above, will cover all with purity
The dirt, the lies, the cheating, and the notorious infamy.
Is there anyone up there, one who a sign is gonna give
Point me in some direction, and show me how to live


I remember the first time, this ring embraced my finger,
I had a feeling of euphoria - and I - forever - wanted it to linger.
Alas, the wish I made, was only wished in vain,
One day, I had to take it off, 'cause it was causing only pain.


For a long and twisted time, I wanted you to go away,
I did not think that you will go, and there forever stay
And all I want today, is the blessing of the snow
To cover you and keep you warm my love, in that last place you'll ever go.


Copyright 2007 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.