Wake Up Sleepy Eyes

Ernest Samuel Llime



E A B7

Oh, when I look into your eyes,

Your eyes, those eyes as blue as skies.

I soon begin to realize,

The truth will shine amongst the lies.


You fold me up in your embrace,

My mind takes flight in outer space.

Your love's divine, your heart's the place

I leave behind, the human race


The lotus again is beginning to bloom,

Intoxicating me with its perfume.

Those petals are hiding the fountain of youth,

And soon I remember in legends there's truth.


I soon perceive to my delight,

Your eyes are black, as black as night.

No matter where, there is no fright,

Cause in my soul you shine eternal light.


And when my work here is all done,

To foreign lands I will be gone.

What we have forged can't be undone,

The three of us will always be as one.


You say Whatever you want, from me you can take,

It is now that you know of one soul we partake.

The scales from your eyes, it is now they will slake,

It is time you awake,

Awake, awake, awake, awake ...


Copyright 2006 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.