I have been working on these stories for about 10 years now. I get excited about them, and then I get bored because I have gone over them so many times in my head. Every now and then, I get a bug and I get passionate about my creations again, so I get to adding some stuff, changing some and so on. When I started writing these pieces I was quite lonesome, and quite horny most of the time, so it should not come as a big surprise that there is so much sex in these pages. Since then I have gotten re-married and this is not the place nor the time to comment on the changes in my sex life; It should suffice to say that the urgency has gone quite dormant. In any case, I sometimes feel that my creations are also my children and that I have neglected them too much. There is also some kind of turmoil in my personal life, and for reasons unknown I am going through a maniacal surge of creativity. The Internet is affording me a new creative direction and I have decide to park my creations here. Like a lot of the others they are mostly incomplete and currently ongoing. There is a certain sadness on tuning the last page of a book and realizing that a Universe that has lived in your mind for a few weeks/months is now going to gather dust on some shelf and become more and more distant and faded in your memories. In this particular and relatively new medium, the opportunity exists to re-create my creations anew any time I get inspired and therefore I am starting with a somewhat sketchy skeleton of what may ultimately become an enjoyable, and perhaps even enlightening experience. As I just said, I am also trying to pacify the creativity devils rampaging through my mind; too many nights they are keeping me awake, so I will lay them to rest. On a different note, I am noticing some interesting discrepancies, most of which seem harmless and charming so I will leave them in place. I mean stuff like: the changing laws and public attitude towards smoking - the scientific advances that are catching up with what I thought of as Sci-Fi only 10 years ago - the fact that the armageddonian Y2K prediction did not come to pass - and so on, I do hope that all the people to whom I have read little excerpts of my work in progress, will eventually find their way to my new site and I sure hope that this will eventually fulfill their expectations, as well as mine.

Good Cheer
& Happy Winter Solstice
to all
and to all
A Happy New Year
December, 2005
Ernest Samuel Llime

The Bulgarian Quartet
Ernest Samuel Llime
This Story Sucks
Sorry about that - I feel that my work is getting better and this one does not come up to my current expectations. The general idea is still great and I still love it but the writing is terrible. I will eventually put it up but it will take some time.
Didn't get to it yet!
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